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Is Golf Putting Instruction Important?

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Golf Putting Instruction–Is Putting Instruction Important? Part 1

The question, “Is Golf Putting Instruction Important?”, can easily be answered with a little arithmetic and a few truths, don’t you think?
Putting is half the game. On a standard par 72 golf course, thirty-six strokes are allowed to get the ball from tee to green, and the other thirty-six strokes are for putts. Fact is, that little two or three-foot shot you make with the putter counts just as much as that 200 or 250 yard shot you are hoping to make on your drive. No matter how well you are able to strike the ball with all your other clubs, until you roll that little ball into the hole, you don’t have a score, do you?

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Keep tuned for Part 2 on the Importance of Golf Putting Instruction.

Until then, did you know–
A “gimme” can best be defined as an agreement between two golfers, neither of whom can putt very well. ~Author Unknown

Here’s wishing you fewer putts and a lower score! Happy Golfing!

“Is Golf Putting Instruction Important?” Part 2

And, as a golfer you are not only looking for a score, but a better score each and every time you make that fabulous trip to your haven—the golf course. To achieve that better score you have to roll that ball in the hole sooner and shave off strokes– right?

One of the best ways to do that is to make some birdies.

Now, don’t worry and don’t get uptight at the mention of that word–birdie! The truth is, whatever handicap you have, you can still accomplish those birdies.

Let’s examine those opportunities for birdies and how to put more of them on your score card!

There are three ways to make a birdie:

First, you can birdie the par 5s by hitting the ball so far that you reach the green in two strokes and then use two putts.
Second, you can lay your approach shot .–or your tee shot on the par threes- so close to the pin that the putt is a mere formality.
Or, you can learn to sink those middle-distance and long putts and take one stroke on the green instead of the regulation two.

So, which do you think might work the best for you?

Hint: From Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: “So, if you want to drop five shots off your game in a hurry, leave your long clubs in your bag and head for the GREEN.”

“Is Golf Putting Instruction Important?” Part 3

If you can reach the par 5’s in two, fantastic for you, but you still need to know how to putt. Let’s be honest, usually the average player can’t reach a par 5 green in less than three strokes. So, if you are going to birdie you must either make a great approach shot so the putt is a mere formality, or if your approach is not so great, you need to drain that first putt.
Oh, oh, did you see that word putt above, three times!

On the par 4s, if you are lucky enough to reach the green in two, that is absolutely fabulous. To make a birdie, you need to hole that first putt. If you are approaching the green with your third shot, then only a hole in will give you a birdie, but a chip and a good putt will save you par.
There is that ‘p’ word again!

On the par 3s, the average golfer is often going to miss the green entirely on the tee shot. Again, to make a birdie you have to hole your approach shot or if you make the green, you need that magic one putt. Oh, no, there is that putt word again!

Well, in all the scenarios, the word putt seems to be reoccurring. We all have the ability to learn to sink those middle-distance and long putts. We all have the opportunity to learn to take one stroke on the green instead of the regulation two!

So, let’s ask the question again. Which way of making birdies do you think might work the best for you?

You are right–the third is by far the most productive and for us non-pro players, really a chance to drop those shots and get to a lower handicap.

In eighteen glorious holes there are eighteen glorious opportunities to drop the ball into the hole with your first putt.

So, if you want to shave some strokes off your score and make more birdies, work on your putting!

So, “Is Golf Putting Instruction Important”?

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