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How to Break 80 by Putting Better

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

On the average, the typical golfer who consistently breaks 80 will have about 26-32 putts per round. Those putts account for about 35-40 percent of the overall score. So, I constantly wonder why most of us do not spend more time practicing our putting.

If Tiger, Vijay, and other PGA tour players won’t leave the course until they have successfully hit a certain amount of putts from certain distances, then that should be a major clue for the rest of us: Draining more putts equates to draining more shots from your score card!

If you want to ‘Break80’, ‘Break 90’, ‘Break 100’ or just improve your putting and/or lower your handicap, then put into effect these Five Steps to Better Putting:

1. Keep Your Eyes Directly Over the Ball
2. Use an Inside to Square Swing Path
3. Follow Through Long and Low
4. Change Backswing Stroke, Not Tempo
5. Concentrate on Pace and Fluidity

So, click on this title: Five Steps to Better Putting for more in-depth instruction on implementing these putting tips and start shaving those strokes.

These five steps on putting all seem to be common elements that good putters excel at.

One other thing that good putters do is practice—Remember those guys in paragraph 2?

A great place to practice and hone your skills is on your favorite golf course. Then, live on the edge, put your expertise to the test and challenge yourself to a new golf course.

A great place to do that is Kansas City. I’ll let you in on a little secret: It has a large number of superb golf courses and now is the perfect time to take advantage of these Kansas City tee time discounts.

Putting is one place where any level of golfer can practice and improve. So, if you want to drop strokes fast,focus on your putting! You know—like those “PGA’ guys!

Here is wishing you fewer putts, lower scores and fun on the golf course.
Be the best you can,

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