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“How To Drop Seven Shots In Seven Days” Free Golf Instruction Report

You will soon be on the fast track to dropping shots and lowering your handicap. Happy Golfing!

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Free Golf Report
“How To Drop Seven Shots In Seven Days”

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Hi Fellow Golfers,

I’ll make this quick because I know we’re in the middle of
golf season and we all want to get back out on the course.

Are you anxious to drop some shots or prepare for an
important golf outing?

Well, Jack Moorehouse put together an exceptional special
report which documents a challenge he accepted last fall
to help a student prepare for a golf tournament with
his boss. For those who don’t know Jack, he’s helped over
13,000 golfers drop an impressive average of 7-10 shots
from their handicaps.

This student Jack helped was an average golfer with an
average handicap that needed to play well below his
handicap. He also needed to do so in a a VERY tight
timeframe and let’s just say that what he was able to
achieve in one week was simply extraordinary.

The golf instruction report is entitled “How To Drop Seven Shots In Seven Days”
and is only available to Jack’s subscribers. BUT, if you are
reading this now, then yes, you get it for FREE.

Fill in the form above with you name and email address. Click the send button and I will send you the link to access this Golf Report.
Then, you will be on the fast track to dropping shots and lowering your handicap.

Jack told me he is thinking about how much to charge for
this but that’s not a concern for you because you’re
one of the “insiders”.

Bottom line…this is no wimpy 3-pager. Last I looked
I believe it was north of 20 pages of “no-frills” go-low
strategies that can help even the highest of handicappers.

Let me know what you think of it.

Hoping you enjoy it,


P.S. If you get an error or can’t see the page for
some reason then please try back.
There are going to be thousands of people downloading
this report today and sometimes the technology has limitations.

Here’s to lower scores and a great day on the golf course!


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