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Sample Mulligan Golf Cards

My name is Penny Howe and I’ve been golfing for over 25 years. In that time, I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge about the fantastic things golf has to offer to the world. As a golf enthusiast, I would like to give back some of the enjoyment that golf has given me. So, I’d like to share these fun and unique golf Mulligan Cards with you, free of charge.

Here are a couple of examples.

mulligan cardfree mulligan ticket

Feel free to browse the links on this site or sign up for your free colorful and unique Mulligan Golf Tickets.

  • Great graphics make them one of a kind.
  • Hilarious golf excuses get golfers laughing!–‘my shorts were riding up’–‘a drop of sweat got in my eye’–‘I need new grips.’
  • Colors make them really stand out.
  • Customize them–put your group name on the back.
  • Replace those plain raffle tickets.
  • Easy-just print and cut out.
YES! I Absolutely Want To Have My Golf Outings Stand Out and My Golfers Talking About The Fun They Had. Send Me My 100% Free Mulligan Golf Cards.

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Most golfers know that a golf Mulligan or a “do-over” in golf is not
legal. It is not at all sanctioned under the golf rules, but…it is
often used and… IT CAN BE FUN!

Producing each of these Mulligan golf cards was also a thrill.

As I was making them, many of the old golf excuses slipped into my mind.With the old excuses came some great memories of past times on the golf course with my friends. I can tell you a smile or two crossed my face.

I had fun making them and I hope they add a little pizzazz and flare to your entertainment, whether it be having a fun time with your golf buddies or family, planning a company golf tournament or enhancing some charity golf tournament games.

Here is wishing your lower scores, but more than that, a fun time on
the golf course.
Penny Howe